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Robert Downey Jr. Offers Advice To Charlie Sheen: Late Last Night

Nov 02, 2010 | 8:32am EDT

Robert Downey Jr. stopped by Letterman last night, and Dave brought up some current issues that a former high school classmate of Downey's (Charlie Sheen) was having -- you know, that whole beating a hooker up and locking her in a closet while high on cocaine deal. Anyway, Downey declined to offer too much advice for Sheen, except one simple thing: don't get arrested. Looks like he dropped the ball on that one. Whoops.

Janet Jackson told Jay Leno why she chopped off all of her hair and her love for vegan food (it all tastes like chicken!).

Also on Leno, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson revealed his clean shaven baby face and talked about his Halloween dressed as Spider-Man. He also revealed some notes that a fan gave him -- and Al Pacino -- outside his stint at New York City's Shakespeare in the Park this past summer.

Zach Galifianakis told Jon Stewart about his hitchhiking days, when he carried a sign that said "I don't have a gun." He also talked of his days doing stand-up for 4-year-olds and the first time he met Stewart.

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Stephen Colbert revealed that the Rally to Restore Sanity rid him of his insane side, so he decided to devote his show to his second favorite hobby: making decorative birdhouses.

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