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Tim Allen Returning To TV With 'Man-Up'?

Nov 09, 2010 | 7:35am EST

ALT TEXTErrr, what?

Deadline reports ABC has won a bidding war against CBS for the new half-hour comedy project potentially starring Tim Allen. The potential series, entitled Man-Up, is a multi-camera family show about a guy fighting for his manhood in a world of women.

Yep, go ahead and read that again.

So now I'm going to make an obvious statement. This show was already done with Tim Allen in the '90s. Anyone remember it? Oh yeah, it  was this little something called Home Improvement. It was only was one of the most successful sitcoms of all time, ran for like eight seasons, and was nominated for about a billion awards. That show already dealt with all those "man" problems with "women," you know? Like when they get "mad" at us for "grunting" and "walking around in our underwear." Or maybe when we make "jokes" about the opera because it's just so gosh darn "gay." I mean, come on! Stupid women need to go back to the kitchen!

Anyway though, I'd just like to say again how ridiculous this is. And perhaps the most surprising part about it all is that the project comes from Jack Burditt, a.k.a. the man behind 30 Rock and Frasier. So, I guess there's hope for Man-Up? Maybe it won't be a repeat of Home Improvement? Eh? Maybe? Anyone? Okay, yeah, you're right. It's going to be awful. But let's just be thankful for one thing: it's not based on a Twitter feed.

Source: Deadline

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