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Emma Watson Asks For Rubbers: Late Last Night

Nov 16, 2010 | 5:32am EST

Emma Watson is one of our favorite young actresses around the office, and the Harry Potter star stopped by Letterman last night and revealed that there's still some major language difference between England and the United States.

BJ Novak described to Conan the difficulties of manning a pledge drive and the challenge of credit card information, and how no one older than 40 knew who he was.

Russell Crowe told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about his musical theatre days and specifically, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and provided some nice video of his cross-dressed performance.

Daniel Radcliffe revealed to Jimmy Fallon that he got lost in Central Park, and how Harry Potter was really just a prequel to the movie version of Night Court.

Ex-Olympic Gold Medal winner Marion Jones stopped by The Daily Show to talk about her years of performance-enhancing drugs. And.... uh... it's a little... uh... awkward...

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Stephen Colbert revealed how President Obama and Garfield both hate Veterans, and expects the Leader of the Free World to make up for his lack of respect by eating "Indian corn" on Thanksgiving on Plymouth Rock.

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