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‘Medium’ Mercifully Canceled

Nov 18, 2010 | 12:57pm EST

Patricia ArquetteMedium and I have a special relationship. Most of the time I am able to avoid shows that I have no particular interest in because life is too short and why would I waste my time on something that does not appeal to me, but for reasons I shall explain later I couldn't escape Medium. I try to save my hate and vitriol for stuff that actually deserves it like Two and a Half Men.

However, Medium enjoys a special place in my heart, a place that I try to destroy with with doughnuts and bacon. A place I try to choke off because I’m pretty sure I don’t particularly need that section of it. But now that Medium has been canceled, I might just let that section stick around for a bit.

You see my girlfriend’s former roommate LOVED Medium. Again, usually, I will allow someone to like a television shows that goes against my taste. Everyone is entitled to their own tastes and opinions. But she would record EVERY episode that aired which included all the repeats on the Lifetime channel and then proceed to watch them. Now this caused several problems in that a) it took up way too much room on the DVR and b) there are a shit ton of episodes on every day (seriously, the number would shock you) which meant she was watching a ton of TV and left very little room for my own shows.

Granted, I know this sounds exactly like an extended entry for White Whines, but still, this bothered me that a person was this devoted to mediocrity! Seriously, I just couldn’t understand this even after I watched dozens and dozens of episodes. It actually got so bad that my girlfriend jumps at any magazine with Patricia Arquette in it and rips it to shreds. True story.

Source: Deadline

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