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Eliza Dushku Gets 'Bird Dog'ged For TNT

Nov 30, 2010 | 10:02am EST

I think she is staring at me.Woo! The return of Eliza Dushku can only mean one thing! The return of Eliza Dushku in magazines and pretty pictures! I mean, sure, we’re glad she’s back on television and acting but what really makes us happy is this gives magazine’s an excuse to photograph her, develop the pictures, select the best of the pictures, and then release the pictures. And after all that is said and done, before we even watch the show, we shall spend hours and hours meticulously studying these photographs. What can we say, we’re dedicated to our jobs.

Dushku has landed the lead in Bird Dog, another TNT procedural cop drama. I say another because let’s take a look at what the will be about: a girl moves out to the Pacific Northwest to escape her father, a police officer. She herself is a police officer until one day when (UH OH) her father shows up as her new partner. Will the new team (with the call sign "Bird Dog" WHICH IS THE TITLE OF THE SHOW IN CASE YOU WERE NOT AWARE OF THAT AND NEEDED IT BEATEN OVER YOUR HEAD) be able to work through their family drama and catch this week’s bad guy? Considering this will be on TNT, you better believe it.

I’m a fan of Dushku’s and want her to be successful, but this sounds awful. She needs really good writing to be anywhere close to interesting (after all, no one watched Dollhouse for her acting alone). She can’t exactly coast on her good looks alone and I’m sure she isn’t wanting to be another Jennifer Love Hewitt and have this be The Ghost Whisperer or whatever.

However, if this show features a weekly bikini sampling montage, we’re all for it.

Source: Deadline

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