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Steve Carell Sells Post Office Comedy To NBC

Dec 02, 2010 | 5:57am EST

Steve CarellSometimes you just have to hand it to another site when they come up with the perfect headline. Sometimes you have to offer them a hearty congratulation and look on in a silent jealous state and vow that next time you will write that perfect headline. Such is the case with SplitSider, who landed the perfect summation of this article when they wrote: “Steve Carell to Write Post-Office Post Office Comedy for NBC.” Man, right on the nose.

The departing Office star sold a new comedy to NBC set in a small town post office and based on his early career in the field. Does Deadline sum it up for us? You betcha: “It is described as a sweet and nostalgic take on the period of Carell’s early life as a mail carrier and centers on a small-town post office frequented by a quirky but tight-knit group of local twentysomethings.”

Now as absurd as it is to think about a group of people willingly hanging around a post office, I trust Carell. He is a very good writer, having penned The 40-Year-Old Virgin with Judd Apatow and two episodes of The Office, one which, to this day, remains one of my favorite ("Casino Night" - Sofa king good!). Needless to say I have high hopes for this show. Since it revolves around people younger than Carell there’s no word on whether he will have a part in it but NBC would be missing out on a huge opportunity to not have him at least guest star.

So while we don’t know what will happen with The Office without Michael Scott, we know what Steve Carell will be up to in the realm of network TV. Works for me.

Source: Deadline

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