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Charlie Day Pranks Danny DeVito: Late Last Night

Dec 07, 2010 | 5:55am EST

Charlie Day stopped by Conan to tell Conan O'Brien about pulling an April Fool's joke on Danny DeVito: he sent his Frank character on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to jail to get raped... by everyone.

Ray Romano

told Letterman on The Late Show about the time when his wife asked the world's toughest question with no right answer: if he could have a threesome with her and a friend, which friend would it be?

Martha Stewart stopped by Late Night to make some delicious eggnog -- with plenty of booze added -- with Jimmy Fallon.

Russell Brand told Leno on The Tonight Show that his approach to playing Shakespeare has changed over the years since he's no longer, you know, a drug addict.

Mila Kunis told Jimmy Kimmel about weighing 95 lbs for her new film, Black Swan -- comparing her body to a "brick." Ew.

Jon Stewart did his Jon Stewart thing and picked apart Fox News and they're newest target: Tulsa's "Holiday" Parade.

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Stephen Colbert talked with Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau and the cartoonist revealed a major secret: he outsources the writing to Honduras.

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