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‘Alcatraz’ Nabs Sam Neill

Dec 10, 2010 | 11:57am EST

Sam NeillI’m not saying that Sam Neill is awesome because his name is Sam, but it helps. I’m pretty sure Neill would be just as awesome if he had a lame name like, for example, Danny. But in case there was any doubt as to whether Neill was awesome or not, he had himself cast as the lead in J.J. Abrams' new mystery show Alcatraz. Neill will co-star opposite previously announced female lead Sarah Jones (rawr - and not the dinosaur roar that must haunt Neill to this day, but a respectful rawr commenting on Jones’ attractiveness) and the guy-who-just-can’t-escape-any-island, Jorge Garcia.

Now Deadline reports that Neill’s character will be “the head of a government agency who radiates authority and piercing intelligence” while Jones leads a group of FBI agents in charge of tracking down the missing prisoners and guards. While there was no mention of any dinosaurs, I’m sure that was just an oversight.

Source: Deadline

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