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Bill Pullman Goes To 'Torchwood'

Dec 15, 2010 | 11:27am EST

Bill PullmanComing hot on the heels of yesterday’s good news that Mekhi Phifer would join Torchwood is another great casting announcement - Bill Pullman. The show is attracting a crowd of solid American actors who will no doubt benefit the imported British show. Actually, is it imported if both sides of the pond are producing and airing it at the same time? Doesn’t matter, this is great news.

Pullman is playing a convicted murderer who managed to get off on a technicality (go American judicial systems!) and is “dangerously clever.” How being “dangerously clever” will play against Phifer’s character’s “lethal sense of humor” remains to be seen. Will they kill each other with puns? Stab each others with spoonerisms? Maim each other with limericks? Or perhaps they’ll update the show (Doctor forbid) and trade tweets with each other until one suffers under 140 characters of pure savage wit.

Source: Deadline

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