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Trailer For 'Doctor Who' Series Six Debuts

Dec 29, 2010 | 10:54am EST

I figured this would happen. I go trudging off to the wilderness that is North Carolina and when I come back I find that no one has posted the trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. That's what you get when a bunch of non-Whovers are holding it down.

Anyway, we have the trailer for the next season. Current showrunner Steven Moffat has already promised us big cliffhangers and we get a taste of the American country where they filmed earlier this year. Plus it has everything that you have come to love from Doctor Who: wit, charm, action, Matt Smith in a funny hat, aliens and cryptic lines like “monsters are real.” Not to mention the creepiest sight of all: Karren Gillan with tally marks etched in her face. Poor poor Gillan, does she need someone to comfort her? Can I volunteer?

For those of you who checked out BBCA’s presentation of the Doctor Who Christmas Special (on Christmas day no less! Merry Christmas to us!), wasn’t it grand? A lovely twist on Dickens' classic Christmas Carol that had very little Amy Pond (boo!) but did have a sleigh being pulled through the air by a shark (yay!).

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