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Katy Perry To Guest On 'HIMYM'

Jan 06, 2011 | 9:54am EST

Katy PerryWell, well, well, looks like my “teenage dream” came true today. Nope, too easy. The “hot’n’cold” series How I Met Your Mother... nah, not true. Maybe Robin will be able to say “I kissed a girl!” Ugh, even that’s a stretch for me. “I’ll show you my peacock!” Barney could exclaim. Actually, knowing the show, that very well may be said.

As you’ve probably guessed (because you read the headline), Katy Perry will make a guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother as potential-Mother Zoey’s (Jennifer Morrison) cousin. She’ll play a dimwitted (shocking) babe that the gang refers to as “honey.” While the report hints that she could become a potential love interest for Ted, come on. We’re not that dumb. Katy Perry wouldn’t sign on to be such a pivotal part of the series when she is still in the middle of being a pop star. There might be some sparks but I highly doubt she’ll stick around. Although if she were to become part of the show, that could mean a potential visit from Russell Brand. Now THAT would be legen... someone go find an Elmo puppet.. dary.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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