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Fox Greenlights 'I Hate My Teenage Daughter'

Jan 13, 2011 | 6:13am EST

Nick StahlFox is determined to prove that the multicamera comedy is still going strong. They’ve just greenlighted a new pilot that is by all accounts a traditional sitcom. I Hate My Teenage Daughter is about two women whose daughters have become the type of girls who made their lives miserable in high school. Yikes.

This premise could go one of two ways. The set-up is simple and potentially hilarious, but with the wrong execution it could be a little more Hope and Faith than, well…funny. The rest of the details are yet to fall into place, but we do know that sitcom vet Andy Ackerman is set to direct. He’s directed episodes of just about everything including the finale of Seinfeld and more recently, the first few episodes of NBC’s new show Perfect Couples, so it’s obvious that he’s got some range.

Fox also has two dramas on deck: Locke and Key and Alcatraz. Locke and Key just added HBO star Nick Stahl (Carnivale) who’ll play the brother to the Locke half of the show’s duo. The drama sounds a little iffy. Like The Walking Dead, it’s a comic book adaptation, but unlike a show set on zombies, the supernatural and ghostly elements that are at play in Locke and Key could really hokey really quickly. Hopefully Fox is taking this adaptation a little more seriously, though their style is often over the top and silly.

Source: Deadline, NY Mag

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