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Jesse Eisenberg Needs an Oscar Date: Late Last Night

Feb 03, 2011 | 5:39am EST

Jesse Eisenberg shared with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show what it was like to work with the real Mark Zuckerberg on Saturday Night Live. And -- big surprise -- dude still needs to find a date for the Oscars, but he's in luck! All those girls he asked out back in the day, who were freaked out by his nerdiness, suddenly are big fans! And they say fame and fortune can't buy happiness. Psh.

Kobe Bryant chatted it up on Conan last night and talked about what it's like to be "Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles" -- which means, really, he's king of L.A; those punkass teenagers who work at In-N-Out better not mess up his burger, or else! Oh, and man, how awesome of a nickname is Black Mamba?

Samuel L. Jackson told Jimmy Fallon on Late Night about what it's like to be Nick Fury and surprisingly -- despite probably having the nerdiest audience in late night television -- there was a lack of geekgasms as he shared details about The Avengers.

Kate Walsh brought her "boyfriend kit" to the Late Show and David Letterman loved it so much, considering there's "no bigger homosexual" than him. And yup, he did decide to eat (yes, eat) some of the body cream.

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