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Justin Bieber Galore: Late Last Night

Feb 11, 2011 | 6:57am EST

Jimmy Fallon's Reflection's With Justin Bieber isn't the greatest impression he's ever done, but it is still funny to think about The Biebs knowing everything there is to know about human cloning. Also once again, impressioner meets the impressionee (?) as the Biebers dance together.

I'm not sure how Bieber managed to be on Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel at the same time, but nevertheless he managed faster-than-the-speed-of-light travel and wound up in L.A. to chat with Kimmel.

Rob Lowe was on Leno to talk about Parks and Rec, which is great. I know Leno sucks and all, but we have to get more people watching Parks and Rec and if that means putting up with Leno's yuck-yucks, so be it.

Letterman debuted another Top Ten, this time about what the "president" of Egypt will likely do after stepping down. It was either this or Snooki folks. You know I made the right decision.

And finally to cleanse your palates, Brooklyn Decker on Conan. You're welcome.

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