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'Glee' Scoop: Blaine Will Question Bisexuality

Feb 14, 2011 | 8:54am EST

Blaine GleeThe internet has been buzzing ever since Michael Ausiello broke the news that a popular male TV character would soon be questioning his sexuality in coming episodes, and it looks like those clues weren't obscure enough because the interwebs figured it all out rather easily. Now, we've got Glee creator Ryan Murphy confirming that this season's newbie, Blaine (who we know as Kurt's crush) will soon be trying to figure out whether or not he's bisexual. In the current issue of Out magazine, Murphy is quoted saying, "Blaine will openly question whether bisexuality is real." Murphy is prepared for viewers to jump to conclusions or even to react with distaste, but he urges fans to watch the entire episode before they judge its message.

Glee is known for its ability to test many people's notions of sexuality as it's usually known in pop culture -- especially throughout the first half of the season when we witnessed Kurt's struggles culminate in a tumultuous end that saw him leaving William McKinley high to escape persecution. I like that the show is not afraid to explore something that some teens experience, even if the majority of audiences have never known or understood that sort of struggle. I just hope that they're including it within the right context of the show and not just so they can wave around a flag saying they tackle the tough issues and aren't they so great. You've got to do a great job before we hand you a gold star. Just ask Rachel Berry; they're kind of her thing.

Source: TV Line

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