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Lauren Conrad's Rejected MTV Show Has Network Offers

Feb 15, 2011 | 7:16am EST

Lauren ConradAfter MTV rejected her fully filmed reality show for being "too high brow" Lauren Conrad fans were all wearing little sad faces. How could they reject the one person whose show might actually give the network some credit for producing a show that might actually be kind of good for teens to watch and draw inspiration from. The reality show shies away from Conrad's personal life and focuses more on her following her professional dreams as she puts together her Paper Crown fashion line. She now says she's "flattered" at the number of offers her show is getting, but is anyone really surprised? She's fully separated herself from all the drama back on The Hills and she's a super successful bubblegum chick-lit author, there's no reason someone won't pick up a show about her that's already completely done filming. It's easy and girls will watch it. Dunzo.

Now, LC fans, all you've got to do is wait. Someone will pick it up and then you can get your peek at Lauren's latest venture.

Source: Us Weekly

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