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Jenna Fischer Was Arrested: Late Last Night

Feb 18, 2011 | 5:57am EST

So Jenna Fischer was arrested in college for failing to appear in court over a moving violation. It’s a really funny and sweet story. So how does Leno (and yes, I’m blaming Leno even though it could very well be Hulu’s fault) handle the story? By breaking it up right in the middle of the story so you have to go to the next one. Fucking Leno.

Fallon had the super funny Michael Showalter on his show to discuss his new book. They get into some Family Feud type thing and it's not too bad, but knowing Showalter, he probably wanted something to do with sandwiches.

Letterman graced us all with Nathan Fillion's presence. He admits that prior to becoming an actor his intention was to be a high school teacher. I’m glad he chose the profession he did, but holy shit he would’ve been a kick ass teacher and Captain Mal taught me enough to make up for it.

Kimmel did his recurring bit about unnecessary censorship. While the newness of it has worn off slightly, it's still funnier than most of the Top Ten lists from Leno, and everything form Leno. So enjoy!

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