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Chelsea Handler Will Play Her Own Big Sister on 'Are You There Vodka?'

Feb 28, 2011 | 12:50pm EST

Chelsea Handler Are You There VodkaIt's true; that NBC pilot based off of Chelsea Handler's early life according to her book Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea needed a swift kick in the pants to keep it from being just another single-camera comedy set to be a sure-fire flop and they may have found the woman for the job. In hopes of boosting the show's chances of a permanent pickup from NBC, the show's producers are enlisting Chelsea Handler as an actress on the show. Wait, what? Isn't this show about her as a 20 year old (and the woman looks great, but she's definitely not in her 20s anymore)? And isn't Laura Prepon of That 70s Show fame already slated to play young Chelsea? Yes and yes. Handler is setting up to give her former self a boost by playing her own older sister (which might actually work because Handler's fans really, REALLY love her and will probably watch anything she does). Apparently it's also a perfect match because according to Prepon they're both from New Jersey and they both claim Vodka as their favorite drink. Really. Well by those standards, maybe Snooki or JWoww should play Chelsea's older sister. No. You're right. This is better. But it's still kind of weird.

Source: E!

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