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Salman Rushdie Preps Showtime Drama

Mar 11, 2011 | 6:44am EST

Salman RushdieOne of the greatest authors of our time, Sir Salman Rushdie, is taking his talents away from the stacks and into television for a bit. He's partnering with Showtime to bring his project, Next People, to the premium channel. The drama will deeply explore aspects of modern American life and Rushdie will serve as the show's writer and executive producer.

Showtime got wind of Rushdie's desires to try television writing on and took immediate steps to secure him for their line-up and word has it, Rushdie looked no further. The author's works are often controversial and marked by his brand of magical realism mixed with historical fiction, so it will interesting to see what this project turns into once it gets rolling. It will also be refreshing to see an addictive drama on one of the pay networks that doesn't prey so much on our appetites for vices and dastardly behavior or unfortunate, but comical circumstances. If Rushdie's past works are any indication, this drama will not only be engrossing, but it will be thought-provoking, intelligent and well-crafted.

Source: Deadline

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