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1980s Russian Spy Drama is Brewing at HBO

Mar 14, 2011 | 9:36am EDT

Martyn BurkeIt looks like HBO is enjoying the success of their other historically-inspired drama, Boardwalk Empire, so much that they're looking to continue the trend with another historical drama. Reds takes place in the 1980s and is based on writer and director Martyn Burke's experience as he was traveling around the US in the 1980s working on a documentary with a KGB colonel on his crew. Burke had no idea that the crew member had ties to the KGB, but the man later set up camp in New York and tried to make it appear that he had a normal, average family but, of course, he was eventually caught. Burke, who is also working on his own documentaries, is spearheading the show for HBO, and aims to focus on the part of the story that has the spy attempting to raise a family and blend in as Americans during the last decade of The Cold War. I guess we can look forward to another show that banks heavily on nostalgia in the wake of the Mad Men phenomenon, and you know what? I betcha we'll like it.

Source: Deadline

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