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Fox’s ‘Terra Nova’ Delayed; No May Preview

Mar 14, 2011 | 9:42am EDT

Terra NovaFox was hoping to repeat its winning Glee formula with the big new show Terra Nova; premiere the pilot in May to much fan fare, let word-of-mouth build through the summer and ride the wave through next fall as the rest of the series unfolds. Unfortunately, it looks like the network won’t be able to stick to the plan as it is backing out of what I imagine is the key part of the plan: the May premiere.

Yep, Fox has officially delayed the premiere to finish up the “ground-breaking” special effects. One would these problems are sorted out soon because they’re going to have to be doing this on a weekly basis, but I have some hope. They have Steven Spielberg executive producing this! How can it be bad with him involved? And it's not like they fired their entire writing staff. Wait, they did? I always thought this could be comparable to the mighty Losteratops, but now its looking like a FlashForwardoctopus. Oh shit! The great Cancelosaurus is coming! Run!

Source: Deadline

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