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'Pulp Fiction' Takes Over Greendale in New 'Community' Promos

Mar 23, 2011 | 9:34am EDT

While the announcer's reductive impression of Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) is pretty damn annoying, it can't really tarnish the fact that on Thursday night Community will deliver us a Pulp Fiction tribute in the form of a theme-party for Abed. (I repeat, theme-party within the episode. Dan Harmon just tweeted this to make sure we all get that: "I wouldn't kick any promotion out of bed, but if you're expecting a 'Pulp Fiction Spoof' tomorrow, start being disappointed now.") If you're a little wary that they won't do it justice, you clearly haven't seen enough of this show. Dan Harmon and friends are movie and TV fanatics; they handle everything with excruciating detail and incredible care. In other words, it will be cool. Nay, AWESOME. Take a look at what's coming our way with the tiny snack provided from this promo.

Source: NBC

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