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Is 'Glee' Getting an Extra Half Hour for the 'Born This Way' Episode?

Mar 29, 2011 | 11:05am EDT

Rachel Berry GleeGlee's April 26 episode, called "Born This Way" after the Lady Gaga song that will close out the episode, maybe be getting an extra dose of content. It seems that the episode is so loaded that Fox may give them an extra half hour to get the message across. The episode is all about self image and more specifically body image. Great. More "I learned something today" moments. Let's hope they do a better job than they did in the alcohol episode.

TVLine tells us that Lauren Zices will attempt to become the Prom queen, which is a story recycled from about five different episodes of MTV's "reality" series, Made. Rachel's body image issues will also rear their head for the first time since way back in season one -- when the show was still a complete riot -- when Emma catches Rachel trying to throw up in the bathroom. (You know the whole "I don't have a gag reflex" "that will be a gift later in life" exchange; it was hilarious. Go look it up.) Miss Berry will be considering getting a nose job and I hope to God that it's not in order to get Finn back because I may actually projectile vomit at my television.

While "Born this Way" will close out the episode, we're not looking at another Gaga tribute -- which is good because that's all her out-of-control ego needs right now. Producers are also looking to add two new musical numbers to fill out the extra half hour and as long as they don't follow up that awkward, unnecessary rendition of "Bills, Bills, Bills" with "Booytlicious" or "Say My Name" I think we'll be alright.

Source: TVLine

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