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Is Jesse St. James Coming Back for Rachel on 'Glee?'

Mar 31, 2011 | 7:20am EDT

Jonathan Groff Jesse GleeJonathan Groff is set to return for three episodes at the end of this season of Glee. This should come as no surprise since we know Vocal Adrenaline will be back for Nationals. Yeah, yeah, Jesse St. James was a senior last year, so he probably won't be competing, unless by some twist he became a super-senior. Groan. No, my guess is that he'll just be back as one of those musical theater kids who misses his old stomping grounds and comes back to see his old team take on the competition. It's a thing, trust me.

Word also has it that he may be back to take a crack at Rachel's heart after he broke it last year. Even though I know he's a fantastic, super wonderful dude in real life, blah blah blah, I cannot stand his character. Why does he have to come back? (Word has it he'll be making amends...or trying to.) So he can make Finn jealous again and they can do a ballad-style reprisal of "Jesse's Girl?" So we can have a repeat of the end of last season? Really? Really? I know there are a lot of Groff/Jesse fans out there, but come on. How about someone else as Rachel's love interest? Maybe an older guy who works at a coffee shop, but it's cool because he plays guitar and has tattoos and wears leather jackets almost exclusively and rides a motorcycle like a badass? (Hot.) Maybe someone who isn't a musical theater singer for once? Do we really need to keep going back to the well? Let's change it up, Glee.

Source: TVLine

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