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Robert Sean Leonard May Be Done With 'House'

Apr 07, 2011 | 10:21am EDT

Robert Sean Leonard HouseHouse star Robert Sean Leonard is returning to his Broadway roots with a revival of Born Yesterday, but for now it's just in addition to his television duties. However, with the future of House up in the air, he says he's actually looking forward to being done with the popular Fox show. Contractually, this is his last season of the show and it's Fox's last season too. With the shuffling at Comcast, there's no deal for future seasons and according to Leonard that means one thing: he's free.

But don't weep just yet, House fans. While he says if they do reach a deal for more House, that he can't guarantee his character will return and that he and his family miss New Jersey, blah blah blah, he does mention that he really likes money. Like, a lot. And you know what comes with more episodes of House? More money for Leonard. He "assumes" they have another season, and he "assumes" he'll succumb to the money, but he's tired of LA and he's ready to move back East. So basically, no one knows what Leonard will do in the future, including Leonard. Cool.

Source: TVLine

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