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Watch Will Ferrell Meet Everyone on 'The Office'

Apr 08, 2011 | 6:30am EDT

It's almost here. Michael Scott's last day on The Office is fast approaching. Thank the NBC gods that Will Ferrell will be here to make the transition easier. His name is DeAngelo Vickers (which makes me think they let Ferrell pick his character's name) and he's here to help us through this uneasy time. Apparently, Dwight is going to be PISSED and Kelly will also be there to be creepy and hilariously desperate (as per usual). You know, I think I'd actually be really happy if they made Kelly the new boss. She's kind of got that Michael level of cluelessness, plus Mindy Kaling rules. (Plus, it would make Dwight even more angry, which would be awesome.)

Source: NBC

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