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Chris Jericho Eliminated on 'DWTS'

Apr 27, 2011 | 5:40am EDT

WWE wrestler Chris Jericho was eliminated on Dancing with the Stars last night, giving Ralph Macchio and Karina Smirnoff another week to improve. When Brooke Burke asked how bad he felt about leaving the competition, he said "Let's be honest, it wasn't my best dance and at this point in the competition you have to be your best every week, or this is what happens. I'd like to say I'm proud of all the dances we did and I'm proud to show that a WWE guy and a rock and roll singer can go this far and do this." And since he kept his goodbyes positive, he held off commentating too much about how hard, in fact, competing on the show is until he could speak to reporters. To them, he shared "It was starting to get to me. My kids were coming this week but we were getting ready to do two dances a week, and it's hard. You have to put everything you have into this show when you sign up for it. It was a great experience, but at this point in the competition, every dance has to be your best...Last week we were in the bottom two. I was shocked, I was a little bit angry. This week, we could pretty much feel it coming." His partner, Cheryl Burke, told reporters that she thought the judges were getting to be a little too much. "It's turning more into the judges' show than an actual dancing show. I think sometimes the judges can be a little harsh. Bruno was mean to Chris. There was nothing that he could take from what Bruno said. There was nothing positive and nothing for him to work on if he were to make it to next week. I hope this doesn't turn into a mean show."

Source: EW

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