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Seth MacFarlane Takes The Reigns Of 'The Flintstones'

May 16, 2011 | 12:02pm EDT

Seth MacFarlaneAfter creating some of the highest rated and most culturally significant animated series of all time, you'd think that all of Seth MacFarlane's dreams would have come true by now. But a true artist is never satisfied, and the man behind Family Guy and American Dad will now attempt to reboot a childhood favorite: The Flintstones. Deadline reports that MacFarlane has just struck a deal between Fox (where he's based) and Warner Bros. TV (which holds the rights to the beloved property) that would give him permission to put a new version of the show into production.

The source notes that the rights holders were particularly hesitant to give MacFarlane the keys to this prehistoric kingdom given his rep for raunchy comedy, but I'm sure that all of the multi-national corporations involved in the reboot will keep him on a short leash. MarFarlane's deal should give him the opportunity to relaunch the brand as both a film and TV franchise; an exciting prospect for all those who lived through Universal Pictures films from the 90s. There aren't many other details available yet as the news and deal just broke, but we do know that the rebooted animated series will air on Fox.

Source: Deadline

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