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Is Catherine Tate the New Boss on 'The Office?'

May 19, 2011 | 11:32am EDT

Catherine Tate The OfficeWe already know that tonight's season finale of The Office won't reveal the new boss, but it seems that the producers' needs and wants may help us toward that conclusion...sort of...maybe. It turns out that they don't yet have a lock on who the replacement is because they haven't, well, locked anyone in a contract that would allow them to take the job. They do, however, have their hearts set on one person in particular: Catherine Tate. That is, if they can get her.

So that's it then? Not quite. The producers (reportedly) want Tate, but there is a slight conflict in that the comedienne is already slated to spend the summer starring in Much Ado About Nothing in England alongside her former Doctor Who costar, David Tennant. Well, that complicates things. It's not yet clear if this is too much of a conflict to allow her to take the new position, but it seems that producers are hoping it isn't an issue. Personally, I think changing thinks up by making the replacement a woman, and a Brit at that, just may be interesting enough to keep the show fresh now that Michael Scott is off living with Holly in Colorado.

This also goes along with what showrunner, Paul Lieberstein, said about the potential replacement a few weeks ago. He noted that they weren't likely to put an unknown or little known name in the role because "'s very unlikely it would go to someone without Steve's [Carell's] experience." Gee, thanks. All that clears up is that you won't be thinking, "Hey, isn't that the guy from the Quizno's commercial?" when they finally reveal the new boss, but it still means any of the guest stars (minus Will Arnett because he's got a new show; boo-hoo) and any of the existing characters who've shown interest could be the new boss. Geeze. Even with this bit about the producers wanting Tate, I don't feel any closer to an answer. I'm starting to question what's real. I feel like I did every time I asked a Magic 8 ball if cute-boy-of-the-month was going to ask me to the dance on Friday. "Better not tell you now" and "Signs point to yes" are unacceptable answers, The Office. Stop messing with our heads and just shut up until you know the answer, pretty please.

On that note, here's a teaser for the tease of an episode you can expect tonight, where you will be no closer to knowing who the boss is because the writers didn't know when they wrote the script! Fun, right? Have fun analyzing nothing!

Source: THR, NBC

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