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Jane Lynch Is In Talks to Host the Emmys

May 24, 2011 | 9:15am EDT

Jane LynchSo, this is something to look forward to as long as Fox doesn't screw it up. The network is hosting the Emmys broadcast this year, but they need someone wonderful to host the actual show and if everything moves along smoothly, that someone will be Jane Lynch; hopefully with more than just her Sue Sylvester schtick.

Of course, as other networks have done in the past (ahem, CBS Emmys hosted by How I Met Your Mother's Neil Patrick Harris), Fox aims to use one of the comedic talents from their list of programming to take the hosting torch. They've also considered Seth MacFarlane, who (duh) created Family Guy and does quite a few of the voices, and Ryan Seacrest is always a viable backup because he's done it before and he's pretty much willing to host anything. However, their top choice -- and the best choice -- is Lynch and word has it, she's close to inking a deal.

She's hosted Fox's upfronts for the past two years as her Sue Sylvester character from Glee, and while she does it fantastically, I really hope that only gets a few measly minutes or airtime when it comes time for the actual ceremony. Lynch has more talent than just her knack for dastardly humor, let's hope that when she inevitably signs on (because why wouldn't she?) they let her break loose a little. Could you imagine if NBC forced Jimmy Fallon to host the Emmys as Barry Gibb the whole time? Or as the obnoxious teenage Red Sox fan? It would have been awful. Instead we got a great show with an awesome opening number to the Boss' "Born to Run." Much better. Make sure you're paying attention, Fox.

Source: Deadline

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