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'Battlestar Galactica' Star Edward James Olmos Joins 'Dexter'

May 24, 2011 | 12:04pm EDT

Edward James OlmosBattlestar Galactica star Edward James Olmos  -- who, by the way, has a name that sounds exactly like someone who should be in Battlestar Galactica -- has officially signed on to join Dexter Season Six. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Emmy-and-Golden Globe-winning actor "will play a brilliant, charismatic professor of religious studies," presumably getting too close to Dexter in the process -- since that's the plot for pretty much any character who joins the show these days. Then again, this "religious studies" factor has me wondering: are they going to try to have Dexter become religious? Or question God? Or anything along those lines? Because I seriously can't think of a worse story arc. Well, except for Dexter's Season Five.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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