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Anna Kournikova Will Replace Jillian Michaels on 'The Biggest Loser'

May 25, 2011 | 8:46am EDT

Anna KournikovaApparently, being hot is qualification enough to replace fitness guru Jillian Michaels on The Biggest Loser. Meet the new trainer: Anna Kournikova. One thing is for sure, this show is getting a big ol' dose of different.

Michaels was a tough teacher, known for screaming at contestants and pushing them to their limits. How else would these folks jump into such amazing shape? I'm sorry, but I'm not sure Kournikova can hack it. Unless she's planning on teaching the weight loss contestants how to work up a sweat by hooking up with Enrique Iglesias on a bathroom counter, I doubt she'll pack the punch that Michaels famously throws. I've watched small clips of that woman training people and I wanted to start screaming and crying even though the only activity I was performing at the time was lifting my cup of iced coffee to my face. She's insane, but that's why she's so good.

Kournikova is just hot. That's it. Obviously, she's in great shape, she's a pro-athlete (but it's not like she's Serena Williams or something), and she definitely works out and watches her diet meticulously, but hey, Kim Kardashian's got a big chunk of that description on her resume and you don't see anyone asking her to train people on The Biggest Loser. The folks at NBC have total confidence in this decision, asserting that when she gets angry she stars speaking in Russian and that's somehow supposed to make up for the lack of Michaels' screeching. Sure, there's nothing like a trainer yelling at you in a language you can't understand. I'm sure that will go over really well.

NBC also want to express that this next season is taking a different direction towards overall health and wellness instead of just focusing on fitness. It sounds like a cop-out for what should really be, "With Jillian leaving we decided to get someone super hot and famous to come train the contestants so we can snag more viewers." But of course, they'd never admit that!

Even so, I'm sure they'll still get these folks working hard if for no other reason than the fact that staring at Anna Kournikova all day, everyday would urge just about anyone to get fit.

Source: NY Mag

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