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Jon Hamm Set to Direct 'Mad Men' Season Five Premiere

May 26, 2011 | 12:08pm EDT

Jon Hamm Mad Men Don DraperIt's a whole new world for Jon Hamm. Now that he's conquered the drama world as Don Draper and the comedy world with his work in Bridesmaids and on SNL, Hamm is taking the next logical step: he's directing. He's set to helm the premiere episode of Season Five of Mad Men when the show starts filming in August.

While I've got no reason to think so and he's got no prior directing experience to go on here, I find this exciting. Maybe it's because he's so good at everything else he does or maybe, just maybe, it's because he's so darn handsome. Either way, does it really matter? He's directing the premiere! Besides, how badly can he screw it up? It's not like he's brand new to the acting game or to the show. Plus, John Slattery tried his hand at the behind-the-camera gig last season and he did just fine -- in case you were wondering, he directed two episodes called "The Rejected" and "Blowing Smoke" and they were both pretty great. So, at the very, very least, Hamm's episode will be just fine.

That's all the Mad Men news we've got for now, but any news that indicates that episodes will be filmed and subsequently aired on AMC is good news after the debacle the show underwent earlier this year.

Source: TV Line

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