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'Two and a Half Men' Won't Seek An Emmy Nomination This Year

May 31, 2011 | 5:42am EDT

Two and A Half MenNow, I know many of you Two and a Half Men fans out there hope that the show gets an Emmy every year, but even you have to admit this year doesn't exactly qualify for an award in TV excellence. Apparently, Warner Bros. TV is taking that stance as well. Though the multicamera sitcom is technically eligible for an Emmy, they've decided not to submit the show in the best comedy series category.

But is this really all that detrimental to the show's reputation? Probably not. Besides the fact that it's been nominated three times and garnered no trophies, it's probably best to steer away from talking about the show as a whole after the year it's had. Between Charlie Sheen's complete mental breakdown marring its luster and the fact that said mental breakdown caused the show to halt production midway through the season, I doubt it would fare very well on a night honoring the best American television.

Of course, this curtailing of the show's overall Emmy campaign isn't stopping the show's stars from leading their own, and WB is completely behind those efforts. Actors Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Holland Taylor and Conchata Ferrell are all gunning for nominations themselves. Honestly, I don't even like the show and I want Cryer to at least nab a nomination. That poor guy's fate has been hanging in the balance -- until CBS snagged Ashton Kutcher earlier this month -- thanks to Sheen's ego-maniacal hijinks. Plus, he's just so darn likable -- probably more due to his role in Pretty in Pink back in 1986 than his work on Men, but still. Besides, he's the only Men star to ever actually win and he's been nominated every year since 2006. He's probably got the best shot out of any of these folks.

As for Sheen, he missed the April 29 deadline for nomination submissions, but there's a loophole that will allow for a write-in bid at this point. There's no word on whether or not he'll try sneaking in for a nomination, but seeing as he's already WINNING, DUH, he probably has no need for a little golden lady -- and he's probably already got his own creepy, real-life version of that at home anyway. Ew.

Source: Deadline

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