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Jon Stewart Threatened Jimmy Fallon: Late Last Night

Jun 01, 2011 | 6:06am EDT

Jimmy Fallon stopped by The Daily Show to do some comedy-world bonding with Jon Stewart and to promote his new book, Thank You Notes. Of course this descends into madness when Jimmy and Jon switch to their Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen impressions for an impromptu performance of "Whip My Hair." Can I be friends with these guys, please?

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Quickly, because it's silly and fun, Stephen Colbert apparently turned into a salty old sea captain last night.

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Because most of the late night shows are on hiatus, we're forced to talk about Flavor Flav. He stopped by Jimmy Kimmel's show to explain why he still has one of Ice-T's taillights and how R. Kelly took him to play basketball. Enjoy the insanity.

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