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Jon Stewart Accidentally Cuts Himself While Satirizing Weiner Scandal

Jun 08, 2011 | 7:31am EDT

Yes, we talk about this almost every day, but it's not our fault that he keeps talking about Weinergate in ways that only get more and more ridiculous. Jon Stewart took to his time on The Daily Show AGAIN, to talk about the news that manages to eclipse every other important news-piece for the last week: Anthony Weiner sending inappropriate photos. This time, he decided to reenact the congressman's press conference, which for Stewart, included whipping up a batch of strawberry margaritas. There's just one small problem, apparently Stewart's not the best bartender, because he accidentally slices his wrist. That's what you get for "going too easy" on your old buddy, Stewart. (Except, that it wasn't that bad. They bandaged him up and he finished the show just fine.) Oh, and the sketch itself is pretty great if you can get past the little snafu with the blender.

Source: Daily Show, THR

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