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Laurence Fishburne Done With 'CSI'

Jun 08, 2011 | 9:17am EDT

Laurence Fishburne CSIYou know, I've always wondered why Laurence Fishburne started working on CSI to begin with. I mean, he's Laurence Fishburne. As in Morpheus from The Matrix? As in the guy with one of the most intimidating timbres (apart from Ian McKellan and James Earl Jones) in Hollywood today? I think we all figured it was only a matter of time before he said "See ya later" to the crime procedural, and that time is here.

Fishburne did not renew his contract for the 12th season of CSI after only two seasons on the show. While fans of CSI may be feeling the pain, movie fans are probably hoping this means he'll get back to working on the big screen...hopefully.

As for the show, this is a bit of a blow, especially after facing the switch to a new time slot. It puts producers in a bit of a pickle as far as finding someone with the star power to take over his spot. However, insiders are noting that no one is really surprised at Fishburne's departure, so they may have a contingency plan in place in case he decided not to renew his contract. The big question is: how attached to Fishburne are the fans?

Source: Deadline, TV Squad

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