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Christina Hendricks Assures Us No One's Leaving 'Mad Men'

Jun 08, 2011 | 10:49am EDT

Joan Christina Hendricks Mad MenNow, I'm not in the habit of watching The View, seeing as I work during the day when it comes on to torture viewers with Elisabeth Hasselbeck's voice, but Christina Hendricks stopped by this morning, so they've got my attention. The Mad Men star and all-around babe told the ladies at The View that despite those nasty rumors flying around during the tense period when the show's fate was undetermined, no one is going to be cut from the show. She also attempts to assuage our fears about waiting too long for the show's return. Soon, guys! Soon. Whatever that means.

Now, I know her voice is comforting and all, but I'm sure she can't guarantee that no one will ever be cut from the show, so don't take this as the definite word. And if your second-cousin-twice-removed told your whole family she'd be famous because she filmed a scene where she hands Don Draper a cup of coffee, don't get all up in a tizzy when she doesn't make it to Season 6. Hendricks may be gorgeous, but she's not clairvoyant, okay?

Source: AOL TV

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