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Jon Cryer Talks Charlie Sheen: Late Last Night

Jun 09, 2011 | 5:41am EDT

Jon Cryer talked to David Letterman on the Late Show about, well, Charlie Sheen -- who else? Apparently, everything's going to be okay with Two and a Half Men. That is, until Ashton Kutcher loses it and continues to bring knives on private jets.

Glenn Close dressed herself up in a sumo wrestling outfit on Late Night to throw down with Jimmy Fallon. And let's be honest here, this is just the most ridiculous thing ever.

Peter Sarsgaard stopped by Conan to talk about what it was like to learn to surf from a beautiful, gorgeous man while your celebrity wife watches and the paparazzi takes pictures of the whole event and just how great that is for your confidence as a male.

Jada Pinkett Smith chatted with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about the importance of her quick 10-minute catnaps throughout the day (which Jay also does, weirdly enough). The weirdest place she's taken one? "The club."

Larry King talked with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show about his stand-up comedy tour and some of the best and worst guests he's had over the years. His lesson: never over-promote.

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