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Neil Patrick Harris Raps and Duels Hugh Jackman as 2011 Tonys Host

Jun 13, 2011 | 8:41am EDT

Take a bite out of this, 2011 Oscars. We were starting to think that our only choices for award shows were the dull and mundane, like The Oscars, or the completely pointless, like the MTV Movie Awards. Thank God for Neil Patrick Harris, because while I'm not as much of a Broadway buff as I could be, last night's Tonys were actually fun. That's right, I said they were f-u-n. Weird, huh?

Well, we can thank the lovely, charming, wonderful, hilarious, awesome, fantastic, supercalifragilistic NPH for making it a grand ol' time. Here are our favorite moments from his second turn as host, wherein he raps (yeah, you read that right) about theater, does a dueling duet with fellow former Tonys host Hugh Jackman, and of course an opening number featuring a bumbling Brooke Shields, a dapper Stephen Colbert and a promise that Broadway "is for straight people too."

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