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Charlie Sheen Actually Has A TV Deal?

Jun 27, 2011 | 9:54am EDT

Charlie Sheen TV Show Charlie Harper 2.0

Apparently, for some ungodly reason, Lionsgate agreed to give Charlie Sheen a sitcom. No, we're not joking. Check the calendar; it's not April Fool's Day. This is not a drill, it's REAL LIFE, people.

RadarOnline reports that Sheen nabbed himself a deal for a new sitcom that would find him playing a similar character to his Two and A Half Men alter ego, Charlie Harper. Oh wait, so you mean he'll be playing HIMSELF again? Now that makes sense. Of course, being that this is the newer, crazier Sheen we're talking about, the show also promises to be "racier" than Men. This is probably pretty likely, because according to RadarOnline's source, TBS is the frontrunner to nab the rights and the cable network's non-major network status will certainly allow for a little more freedom on the small screen.

Lionsgate -- who brings us such critically-acclaimed shows as Mad Men, Weeds, and Nurse Jackie -- is changing it up a bit and committing to ten episodes of the Sheen show, but they're not offering up much cash up front. In exchange for a measly salary, Sheen stands to make lots of money off the back-end, so that if the show should flop, Lionsgate's losses won't be all that bad and if it succeeds, Sheen will reap the benefits. It makes sense, especially since it seems Mr. Sheen has lost his luster in the public eye. Hell, even his goddesses are done with him. Actually, I'm not even sure why any network is looking to take a chance on him. Aren't we supposed to be in The Golden Age of Television? Isn't putting Charlie Sheen back on the air so he can smoke cigars, sling back whiskey, harass women and look at internet porn like some sort of Charlie Harper 2.0 kind of a step in the wrong direction?

Lionsgate has yet to confirm all this, so my personal hope is that it's a bunch of bunk. Of course, experience tells me that it's probably not and that we'll soon have to endure promos with the babbling warlock while we're trying to enjoy Conan O'Brien's maniacal wit on any given weekday night.

Source: RadarOnline


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