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Joe Rogan Will Host 'Fear Factor' Again

Jun 29, 2011 | 12:34pm EDT

We already know that that disgusting betcha-won't-eat-bug-brains reality show, Fear Factor, will be making its triumphant return on NBC, but the whereabouts of Joe Rogan, the former host of the show, were up in the air for a while. Now, it seems Rogan is in for the long haul, coming back to the show he refers to as "hot dogs." As in, "Are hot dogs bad for you? Well, you shouldn't eat them all day every day. But sometimes I want a steak, and sometimes I want a fucking hot dog. Sometimes I come home from a hard day at work and I want to watch fuckheads eat animal dicks on TV. Why is that bad?" as Rogen said of the series. Rogen also said he was high for "90 percent of the episodes," but I mean, why wouldn't he be? Unless of course he got to watch Tyrone Biggums attempt these stunts every week, it seems to be the only plausible way to get through it.

Source: NY Mag

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