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Chris Colfer Found Out He's Leaving 'Glee' from Ryan Murphy's Twitter

Jul 15, 2011 | 6:26am EDT

Chris ColferApparently, news around the Glee set doesn't travel as quickly as gossip about Santana's sexuality did through McKinley High (I am not proud of that joke). As we reported on Wednesday, Chris Colfer, who plays Glee's breakout character Kurt Hummel, will be one of several castmembers who won't be returning to the show after the end of Season 3. Finding stuff like this out through the internet is natural for fans, but one would think that the actors involved might be privy to this kind of information beforehand. However, such is apparently not the case. Chris Colfer actually found out that he would be leaving Glee from reading Twitter.

The show's creator Ryan Murphy recently tweeted that Kurt, Rachel, Finn and others would be graduating at the end of the third season, thus ending their roles on Glee. New castmembers are being brought in to play freshmen in the beginning of Season 3 and they'll be eased into the starring roles.

Colfer is very understanding about this transition. He has said that he recognizes that these characters needed, logically, to graduate eventually. Although he will be sad to leave the program that launched him to fame, he understands that this is the right artistic choice, stating in an interview with Extra, "This is home for me. But I understand that there's [a] time for a conclusion."

However, Colfer won't be hard-pressed for work. He is working on coming-of-age film called Struck By Lightning, from his own script and directed by Brian Dannelly. Colfer will star in the film, with an impressive supporting cast.

Source: People

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