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Teaser for 'Dexter' Season Six Answers to a Higher Power

Jul 15, 2011 | 11:09am EDT

Yes, I'm one of those who was far from impressed by Dexter's fifth season. For one thing, I think Dexter (Michael C. Hall) spent too little time in his own head, as compared to earlier seasons. But this promo for Season Six seems to bring our hero right back to where he belongs, with a whole new, it's-about-time-they're-touching-on-this theme: God. What's more internal than spirituality? The notion provokes questions in any man. Imagine handing it to an arguably ingenious compulsive analyzer of every piece of minutia and all thoughts surrounding them. Dexter is capable of some brilliant television, and it looks like Season Six will revisit the glory in which the show once reveled.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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