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Is Season 8 The Last for 'How I Met Your Mother?'

Jul 19, 2011 | 5:19am EDT

How I Met Your MotherIt seems that we may be closer to finding out who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother than we thought. It looks like we'll get the answer before the end of Season 8, but mostly because according to creator and executive producer Craig Thomas, it's likely there will only be two more seasons of the hit sitcom.

He told TV Guide, "All of our contracts are up after [Season] 8...So we're preparing for that to possibly be the end. As long as we know that a year from now, that's fine. But if we don't, then that's a problem!"

Add to that the show's other creator, Carter Bays, told Aol TV, "Right now we're contracted to go through Season 8, and at that point, there is every chance that that's the end of 'How I Met Your Mother.' If that's the case, then that's our end point." So, it looks like the duo is planning out the end, in fact they've already got all of Season 7 charted out, including a wedding for Barney, a new love interest for Robin (Kal Penn), a new job for Marshall, and Ted finally gets to be a big-time architect. It sounds like the beginning of the end if you ask me.

Of course, should CBS want to continue raking in cash with the sitcom, it's still possible the show could go on. Bays said, "We are open to doing this as long as we feel we have stories to tell, and, of equal importance, as long as people want to watch it. If it still feels exciting going into a Season 9, then we'll keep doing it." Which means if CBS coughs up the right amount of dough, there could be lots more HIMYM after all. But if that also means delaying the Mother reveal, could we handle it?

Source: Aol TV, TV Guide

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