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SDCC 2011: 'True Blood' Promo Promises Sex, Blood And Stakings

Jul 25, 2011 | 10:35am EDT


Wish that you had been at the True Blood panel at Comic-con last friday? Well, here's the next best thing. HBO has released the video peek at the rest of season 4, and it looks like thrilling stuff. (Though it's telling that the video's light on shots of Jason and Andy.) So what's next for Bon Temps? Eric and Sookie continue to canoodle, despite Bill's objections, Tommy and Sam finally have a face-off, and Jessica may say howdy to the daylight. Marnie, or the ghost possessing Marnie, is going to go on the offensive in the fight against vampires, and she may have Tara on her side. And of course, Sookie's in danger. It wouldn't be a season of True Blood without that.

So, will Tara's new girlfriend become lunch meat? Will Eric remember how to use hair gel? Why are there so few shots of Pam? For these answers, and more, you'll just have to keep watching. Or at least, read my recaps and fast-forward to all the good parts of the episode.

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