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An 'Always Sunny' Actor Will Lurk Onto 'How I Met Your Mother'

Aug 12, 2011 | 12:06pm EDT

Jimmi SimpsonAny fans of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia shudder at the sound of the name McPoyle; the entire family is a creepy, milk-guzzling, eczema-ridden, incestuous, unibrowed swarm of oddballs who sap the joy out of the routines of the main cast. The first instance of the McPoyles had them reentering the lives of schoolmates Charlie and Mac with a blackmailing scheme rooted in the events from their childhood. And now... that exact thing is happening again on How I Met Your Mother.

The lead McPoyle, played by Jimmi Simpson, who is also a regular on Breakout Kings, will appear on HIMYM as an old college friend of Marshall (Jason Segel). Simpson's character Pete Votto will show up, much to Marshall's chagrin, with an embarrassing YouTube clip of Marshall in character has his college party alias "Beercules." This, naturally, would not bode well for the unemployed Marshall were any potential interviewers to come across it. Conflict is established, hilarity ensues, we can all rest a little easier.

Simpson's episode is expected to air in late September. We can also hope to see Simpson in the returning seasons of It's Always Sunny, as well as in Knights of Badassdom and Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Source: TV Line

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