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'Conan' Not Performing Well on TBS

Aug 18, 2011 | 10:40am EDT

Conan O'BrienWhat is it about Conan O'Brien that makes everyone love him so much... but clearly not enough to watch his shows? After The Tonight Show debacle, fans of Conan rallied nationwide to maintain their appreciation of the longtime Late Night host off-air. Conan's comedy tour that year was astoundingly successful, and helped to launch him onto TBS with his new talk show namesake. Unfortunately, we might be right back where we were in early 2010. Reportedly, Conan's ratings on TBS have dropped sixty percent since the series began.

The good news: TBS has displayed a great fondness for Conan, and the network proclaimed its intention to keep him on the air for a long time. The network's plan, at this time, is to lead into Conan with The Big Bang Theory syndication reruns. They are also looking into new original comedy series as potential lead-ins.

On a sincere note: O'Brien is, and has been since his 12:37 days, the most vibrant and talented individual in late night. He has an insuperable ability for inspiring laughter where none would be otherwise resident. He listens actively and interacts on a level playing field with his guests (something that's very unique on contemporary talk shows). He is a genuine and intelligent comedian whose every performance is a celebration of life and its humor. These opinions are not uncommon ones, so I pledge to everyone: watch Conan on TBS. It would be tragic for his invaluable gifts to go to waste.

Source: A.V. Club

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