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Which 'Community' Star is Set to Cameo on 'Chuck?'

Aug 31, 2011 | 6:52am EDT

Community's Danny Pudi is really pulling overtime with all these little cameo spots. First he showed up on Cougar Town as a scene-stealing extra and now he'll stop by to make an appearance on the last season of NBC's Chuck. It's actually pretty perfect. Pudi's Community character, Abed, probably signed those online petitions to keep the nerdtastic spy show on the air -- hey, if he liked The Cape, there's no way he doesn't love Chuck's delightfully cheesy spy spoof.

Pudi will show up on the fifth episode of the fifth and final season of series, but the show's producers are keeping quiet on the nature of his role. If I get my way, he'll show up in some sort of allusion to his role on Community. It's possible. They're both NBC shows, and Chuck is on it's final season; bets should by all rights be off.

In the meantime, here's Pudi's last, infamous Cougar Town cameo. Here's hoping he can top it when he stops by Chuck.

Source: TV Line

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