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Quinn Debuts New Look in 'Glee' Season 3 Promo

Sep 01, 2011 | 6:09am EDT

Any extended period of time without Glee doesn't really feel normal anymore. The world has become attached to teen singing, romantic swapping, and innumerable hair jokes. For those who feel this same attachment to the show, September 20 will mark the return of their favorite explosion of musical hormones. The promo for the upcoming third season depicts a lot of things we've seen and loved before: a bitter Sue Sylvester, a brainless Brittany, slushie assaults. But there are also a few things we haven't seen, like Quinn's new look (does that scene remind anyone else of another memorable blonde-girl transformation in recent television?). All in all, Glee looks ready to hit as hard as it ever did. However, we might not have to wait until September 20 to see the Glee cast back together again...

Source: AOLTV

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